Screenwriting, Drama Development, Non-Scripted Narratives.

ANGLE is all about the craft of storytelling. We write, edit, direct and produce original stories.

ANGLE founder Miika Särmäkari wrote and co-directed Finland’s biggest documentary film of the year.




JVG – Vuodet Ollu Tuulisii is a feature-length documentary film about two young adults who quit sports, start rapping about it, recruit their friends for tours, and film everything. Through never-before-seen archival footage, we witness their rise to the top as Finland’s most influential music group of the last decade. The movie was the most-watched documentary film of the year, with over 52 000 viewers.



Upon landing exclusively on streaming service Elisa Viihde Viaplay, the movie surpassed blockbuster Marvel titles, among others, to become the most-watched title in its opening month in September of 2022 and has remained in the top 5 most watched feature films ever since.



From 5-star reviews to nationwide media coverage, the movie averaged a 3/5 star rating among the country’s top film critics nationwide, including a solid 3-star review from HS, the largest subscription newspaper in the Nordic Countries.

The essence of TRUE WRITING is when you have to come up with something out of nothing. That is the one thing I’ve done my entire life: freestyle rapping on the street, moving in life or my entrepreneurial ventures in creative industries. 

– Miika Särmäkari, Founder


the brand without the three stripes

Backed by The Finnish Film Foundation (SES), THE BRAND WITHOUT THE THREE STRIPES is an unprecedented real-life satire, a feature-length documentary film about pioneering Finnish sportswear brand Karhu, a company that invented everything to give it all away. During its 100-year run in the 1900s, Karhu dominated the world of sports equipment. The brand sold Adidas its three stripes and handed Nike its patented air cushion technology. They became North America’s market leader in hockey equipment, and everyone from iconic footballer Michel Platini to ice hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky took pride in wearing Karhu’s product. No cap. How was this even possible?

overseas – the RISE of european basketball

In 1992 USA’s basketball team conquered Barcelona during the Olympics. Just 20 years later, Europe produces NBA it’s top MVP candidates and most promising prospects. What happened? This limited television series grants up-close access to European basketball countries, their cultures, and customs as we hear from their most prominent stars and legends. This uncharted journey through the continent finally connects the dots in European basketball’s modern success story.

artist bio pic (TBA)

This feature-length documentary film presents the life story of X, who became one of Finland’s most commercially achieved and culturally respected artists. With unprecedented access to early never-before-seen archival footage, the Documentary re-tells and chronicles the inconceivable rise to the top. The work is currently in development and started filming in august of 2022, with the title still to be announced.

kuningas kalifornia

Kuningas Kalifornia is a limited non-scripted audio series about The State Of California’s overall impact on modern society and our customs. The show is in development for Finnish Public Broadcasting Company YLE, and the series is scheduled for release in the spring of 2023. The production is a joint venture with Angle and Roadkill Media.


I finally retired from rap, dropped the mic, and started to blend all my skills of freestyle flows, culture journalism, and cinema studies into one life-altering sauce of screenwriting and storytelling. Angle is original non-scripted, and scripted storytelling by my team and me. Let’s build something beautiful!

What i do, and what i’m looking to:

I write and direct; for my art, I’m ready to go for your neck. I’m an artist and an originator; I build teams and strategize around the signals I pick up. I always connect with appropriate art individuals and savvy producer-type muscle for creative situations. I look to partner with each project with the best people, I look for funding at times, and I’m sometimes around to collaborate. Anyone with a genuine passion and knack for in-depth storytelling in any form, look no further claps twice, get at me, dog.


Deadlines are like life rafts. They are for the dying. I pride myself in reserving the time and effort to go as deep into the core of the art as is needed. This is what makes the story alive and fine-tunes the tone of voice so it finds a connecting essence. 

After you have a story, you need profound experience for execution. When you have the proper reps, this becomes second nature. A detailed story flourishes only with knowledge and clear-minded direction; only then will it eventually see daylight as an actual project. 

Finally, we start the production, and with any art, you need sensitivity for it to become an art piece. To hear, see and feel the right team, production partner, and circumstances for every story. I do this. Any work that leaves my hands will be tailored in detail before it hits the typical production cycle. 

The execution of any significant work is a serious task and involves responsibility. To put my stamp on anything, I require having my work finessed, so I know I will get to the championship, even before the game’s tip-off. 

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Decades of experience in writing platinum selling hip-hop lyrics, leading culturally awarded media brands & crafting chart topping writing for Film.

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